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Bring a "Caricature Sideshow"
to your community festival
or nonprofit event.

After patrons finish off festival food the seek out festival fun. Your company can offer entertainment and a keepsake with a caricature.
You can even include your company information printed on the portrait. It's like a big business card exhibited in homes and offices.

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Sponsors have hired Caricature Sideshow to entertain at parties, picnics, town fairs, festivals, conventions, fundraisers, conferences, church and school events.

People love to watch the magical likeness take place, and many people end up with a souviener that lasts a lifetime.


Not only is this an excellent way for your company to support your local fair, but it can be a part of your public relations campaign. The media (TV/Newspapers/Radio) can stop by for a free picture and cover your support.

In addition to printing your logo on the caricature (for a small extra fee), you can also supply signage, and even brochures for the artist to throw into the bag with the patron's free picture.

Email your event date and mail 50% deposit with contract to reserve your date.

Caricature Sideshow, P.O. Box 262, Winona Lake, Indiana 46590

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