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"Artist Drake Swartzentruber"

Drake’s caricature portraits can best be described as bold and perceptive. His work embraces the traditional exaggerated style of the political caricature without falling into formulaic features. He started drawing portraits next to his father at public events as a five years old. In addition to caricature work he is involved in other forms of art and illustration.
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Berne Swiss Days, Berne, Indiana [14,15,16]
Cedar Lakes Festival, Ceder Lakes, Indiana [15,16]
Highland 4th of July Festival, Highland, Indiana [10,14,15,16]
Indiana State Fair, Indianapolis, Indiana [14]
Kosciusko County Fair (Children's Day, Warsaw, Indiana [15]
Marshall County Blue Berry Festival, Plymouth, Indiana [14,15,16]
Mishawaka Summerfest, Mishawaka, Indiana [16]
North Judson Mint Festival, North Judson, Indiana [16]
Passages Art Show, Columbia City, Indiana [03]
Rhapsody in Green, Elkhart, Indiana [14,15,16]
St. Andrew's Greek Festival, South Bend, Indiana [16]
Valparaiso Pop-Corn Festival, Valparaiso, Indiana [14,15]
Village of Winona Art Fair (Children's Tent) [04,05,06]
Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival, Wakarusa, Indiana [16]

Company Parties and other Events:
Auto Park Inc. (10th Anniversary), South Bend, Indiana [15]
Alderfer Bergen & Company, Warsaw, Indiana [14]
Blinger Wedding Reception, Whitley County 4H Community Center, Coluumbia City, IN (4/15)
Fairmont Homes, Warsaw, Indiana [04]
Forest River Inc, South Bend, Indiana [16]
Graystone PMC, Indianapolis, Indiana [14]
Kokomo VW Club Event, Kokomo, Indiana [15]
Manchester College Homecoming [14,15,16]
William E. Urschel Pavilion Grand Opening, Valparaiso, Indiana[15]

Pictures from Drake's 2014 and 2015 Tour.